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Get to know enzim® Toothpaste Variants

enzim® toothpaste has several product variants with different claims. So it is very important to know the variants of enzim products and the benefits of each product variant, so that we can choose the product that suits our individual needs. Kids enzim® Toothpaste Children’s enzim® toothpaste contains the enzymes Amyloglucosidase (AMG), Gluco-oxidase (GO) and Lactoperoxidase […]

How do enzim® Toothpaste Work

The basic principle of enzim® toothpaste is to restore the function of the natural peroxidase system found in saliva. enzim® employs a natural enzyme system to produce small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide that is used for extra generation of OSCN (boost the natural salivay peroxide system) and so controls the resident bacterial flora and keeps […]

Effect of toothpaste containing enzymes and proteins on gums health

Gingivitis is highly prevalent worldwide, with 46% of adults showing evidence of gingival bleeding and calculus (Community Periodontal Index score of 2), across all age categorie. Gingivitis and periodontitis are derived from the same inflammatory disease with chronic gingival inflammation being the response to the presence of microbial biofilmsOne of the most significant risk factors […]