Enzim Variant

Product Variants
Enzim Toothpaste maintains your natural defence system.

Pioneers in the field of toothpaste manufacturing that promote biotechnology.

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Enzim Variant
Enzim Mouthwash enzim Classic Mild and Fresh Mint enzim 40plus Enzim Kids Enzim Mixdent DR. Enzim Enzim Orthodontic

Enzim Mouthwash

Alcohol-free mouthwash containing natural active enzyme and protein, helps provide the natural defense function of saliva and protects the oral environment. The combination of using enzim mouthwash with enzim toothpaste can inhibit plaque formation, prevent tartar, bad breath and maintain orang freshness - enzim liquid, practical, convenient, safe

enzim Classic Mild and Fresh Mint

Formulated to prevent bad breath, sore mouth and plaque formation yet maintain orang freshness

enzim 40plus

Formulated for ages 40 and over. Contains active enzymes and colostrum that can moisturize the oral cavity, prevent bad breath and dry mouth also reduce sensytive teeth

Enzim Kids

Enzim Kids is formulated to maintain the health of children’s teeth from the age of milk teeth. Contains Xylitol which can prevent cavities and no detergent, so it is safe if swallowed

Enzim Mixdent

Enzim Mixdent can be used by children aged 7-15 yo. Contains colostrum which moisturizes the mouth, and uuses xylitol as sweetener which maintains healthy teeth and mount during the transition from milk teeth to permanent teeth.

DR. Enzim

(Dental Revolution) Formulated with more complex ingredients to prevent plaque formation, bad breath, reduce sensitive teeth and restore teeth's natural white color. Contains active enzymes and colostrum that can moisturize the oral cavity to prevent dry mouth

Enzim Orthodontic

Formulated for brace users. Helping to overcome the problems of braces users. Contains active enzyme and extra colostrum to maintain moisture in the oral cavity. this product will care for and protect teeth and gums from craces users. The soft texture of the toothpaste helps clean brushing between teeth and braces